Projects selection

Art marketing & publishing advice

Leo Schatz. In ieder hoofd zit een ander hoofd. Recent paintings by Leo Schatz, 2012.

ISBN 978 90 815719 0 6.

Brand & marketing strategy advice

Jean Ruiter Project. The photographic legacy of Jean Ruiter, creating quality driven exposure, 2010.

Concept development & co-organisation

Art & Science. Annual series of debates with scientists and artists held at private members club Sociëteit De Kring, Amsterdam.

edition 2014 - UTOPIA in the arts and the www. With Doris Wintgens and Peter Gorgels, et al. 

edition 2013 - exploring the impact of science on the daily practice of artists. With Yuri van Gelder, et al.

edition 2011 - exploring Time/Space concepts. With Gabriel Lester, Professor Marli Huijer, et al.

edition 2010 - exploring the idea of the Homo Unliversalis. With Thijs Goldschmidt, et al.

Concept development in collaboration with WTC Amsterdam Business Club:

Art & Business. Beyond Wall Power.

Symposium held in Amsterdam, Rai, on May 27, 2010, during Art Amsterdam.

With Ella van Zanten (director Art Foundation Rabobank Utrecht), Marloes Krijnen (director FOAM),

Hester Alberdink Thijm (director Art Foundation AkzoNobel), et al.

Concept development & organization of KunstWerk: arbeids-marktperspectieven voor Kunsthistorici. Symposium at Oud Amelisweerd, Utrecht. 1997. With Annabel Birnie, Ruud Priem, et al.

Project start-up & content advice

Samen uit in Zuid 2012 and 2013, commissioned by the Borough South, Amsterdam. Activities & events for voluntary social workers & their buddy.

Design & general advice

new website M2 and its Facebook page. Both launched in June 2013.


Amsterdam based, internationally operating artists.

Extra mural reader

Master students History of Art, Design and Marketing, 2010.

Business strategy & art dealing

Bringing back into the market a varied and large collection of paintings, craft and curiosities for complete liquidation. 2013/2014.

Strategic advice & collection management

Strategic business advice; scanning and research of the large and diverse collection of 19th and 20th century art; taking the art administration and management to the highest professional level; coaching of team, coaching by doing and advice of day-to-day business. 2015 - current.

Custom made Culture & Art program in Amsterdam

Concept, organisation and guide of a tailor made 4-day full-time cultural & art program in and about Amsterdam for selected guests of Kunstwelten. Covering the history from the Golden Age ‘till today. Unique visits behind closed doors, private collections, art dealers, galleries, fairs, exhibitions and many sights.  September 2015.